" 'Thoughts' and 'things' are names for two sorts of object, which common sense will always find contrasted and will always practically oppose to each other."

- William James (1904)
Does ‘Consciousness’ Exist



Military Ethics and Dehumanizing the Enemy (talk) CWRU Public Affairs Discussion Group / Inamori International Center for Ethics and Excellence. April 4, 2013

International Online Conferences: "How can we build a culture of empathy and compassion?" Panel on empathy and philosophy; Panel on The Challenge of Balancing Analysis and Empathy

Anthony Jack and Edwin Rutsch: Dialogs on How to Build a Culture of Empathy

Inspirational Mentoring Project - "Coach with Compassion Can 'Light Up' Human Thoughts." Click the link to view Case Western Reserve University's video report featuring the BMC Lab's Inspirational Mentoring Project.

Test taking and SAGES first seminar at CWRU- (December 2011: Learn to Love Standardized Tests)

Forward Thinking- (October 2011: Featured in CWRU capital campaign video)

The Sound of Ideas: Understanding fear- (October 2011: The Ohio Channel)

Fear and Test taking- (October 2011)

Coaching with Compassion Can Inspire Students- (Jan 2011: Local news WKYC Channel 3)

Coaching with Compassion Can ‘Light Up’ Human Thoughts (CWRU blog; November 2010)

Picked up at: Bluegreen Learning; International Coach Federation (ICF Vancouver);; Business News Daily.

Sheryl Harris for Cleveland Plain dealer: "Study hints at why some people get scammed and some don't: Plain Dealing"

Individual Differences Project - "Relating Individual Brains to Individual Minds." Click the link to view a video explaining the methods of our Individual Differences Project.

Logic versus Empathy: Brain Can't Empathize And Analyze At Same Time, New Study; Why even the hardest heart can melt; Neuroscience advances highlight emotional network in brain


Individual and gender differences demonstrate a trade-off between empathetic concern and physical reasoning abilities. J Gabriel, A Jack: April 19th, 2013. Source Intersections Posters, CWRU.

Are you sure you don’t believe in God? Divergent relationships between dogmatism and prosocial sentiments in the religious and non-religious- J Friedman, A Jack April 12th, 2013. Research ShowCASE, CWRU & April 19th, 2013 Source Intersections Posters, CWRU. Winner 2nd  place in Social Sciences.

Coaching with compassion alters neural mechanisms of stress processing. D Abou Zeki. April 12th, 2013. Research ShowCASE, CWRU.

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